In a world that constantly tells you to be someone else, here we live original. We speak original. What is written here is authentic and from the heart of your pastor and leaders. Each carefully crafted post is filled with advice, encouragement, empathy and kindness. Because we are laughing with you, we’re crying with you, we’re here for you. Because darling, you are a world changer.

Sincerely, Your Big Sisters

Radiate is our yearly girls event created to empower, challenge and encourage the next generation of women to never settle and to chase after their God-given dreams. Radiate 2019 information will be coming soon!

Radiate 2019

We believe that stories have impact and are worth sharing. Your voice has power and influence and should not be silent! If you are interested in sharing your story with us, go to the contact page, write out what is on your heart and it could appear on this blog!

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