The Journey to Uni

Dear World Changer,


Uni or college? Stay home or leave? This program or the other?


If you’re in grade 12, you’re probably thinking, feeling, and being asked, those very same questions. And it can be scary…trust me, I know.

And because I understand the struggle that you are experiencing, I want to share my story with you. My story, this journey I am still on, is one marked by His love, His kindness, and His faithfulness.

Throw it back to last May, at YC 2016, I was freed completely from anxiety, from something that had gripped my life for years, and had crippled me deeply. But sadly, in the weeks and months that passed following that incredible moment, I began to allow doubt and fear to creep back in. Because this was around the time I was entering into grade 12, all those fears encompassed my future. How was I going to react to change? Where was I going to go?


After some time, I realized the following fact:


Life goes on.

Seasons were never meant to last forever.

God knows you. He created you and your life with purpose.

Nothing He has planned will hurt you.

But it is YOUR choice to move or to stay.


I began to realize that I was never intended to stay who I am in THIS season forever. That high school will not be the peak of my life, but rather if I trust God with it all, I will continually be amazed at His power in my life.

Once I held that truth in my heart, and let it run into every part of my life, God began to place burdens and passions in my heart. He made me intrigued with what could and will be, instead of afraid of it. By November, I had applied to three universities, of which only one is in Ottawa. By January, I was awaiting responses from four establishments, the fourth being a college in BC. Why do I mention that? Because had you told me a year ago that I would be a) anxiety free, b) have applied and be excited for uni, and c) have applied to a school across the country, I would have laughed. But isn’t it amazing how God transforms us from girls who laugh in fear and disbelief, into women who laugh AT fear, in belief of His promises and love for us!?!

So, maybe you have read through my story, and feel the exact same way. Or maybe you are younger than me and are looking for tips when it comes time for you to make the decisions I am making now. Below are some tips and pieces of advice that I have received and learned throughout my own application and deciding process:


  1. Drop comparison at the door

You’re going to hear about everyone’s grades, everyone’s early acceptances, everyone’s scholarship offers. Don’t let comparison make you doubt your ability, intelligence, or strength. Someone once said: ‘Celebrate her success without questioning your own.’ And it’s so true. I am surrounded by people who went to uni, to college, who took a year or two off, who received early acceptance, and some who are still waiting for an offer of admission. Are some of those people more or less valuable than others?? Heck no!


  1. Stare down, and don’t listen to, your fears

When you feel the familiar doubts beginning to fill your heart and mind, take them captive and allow His perfect love to cast out those fears. Realize that those fears will not benefit you in any way, but that they actually distance you from the promises and gifts God has for you. Trust that all things work together for good, that His plans for you are for your good, and that He WILL protect you no matter where He calls you!


  1. Apply, apply, apply

Maybe, like me, you don’t fully know where you’d like to be. If that’s the case, you can never “over apply” to uni. Apply to a variety of schools, varying in location and program, so that you have options. I found it is more comforting to be able to eliminate options rather than regret not applying somewhere.


  1. Obey

If He says go, then go. If He says wait, then be still. But no matter what and where He prompts, answer in obedience and step out in faith. Dig into the Word for strength, lean on Holy Spirit for comfort and guidance, and consult your mentors for discernment, but don’t use those things as excuses to ignore what He is obviously asking you to do. Trust me, I understand the struggle with this one, I am still working towards fully listening and trusting Him. But I have also experienced the peace that abounds, excitement that blooms, and the strength that is revealed when you take a step of faith. So step out and trust.

He’s got you!

Women, Daughters of the King, World Changers… I’m rooting for you, along side of Heaven. I can’t wait to see where Heavenly Father takes each of you, each of us, and I can’t wait to experience the impact each one of you is going to make on the World around you.


I’ll leave you with this verse:


‘I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me.

He freed me from all my fears.

Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy;

no shadow of shame will darken their faces.’

Psalm 34:4-5


Sisters, you are powerhouses, strong and unstoppable when partnered with the Lord. Step fearlessly and boldly onto whatever campus He calls you to, and prepare yourself for the amazing plans He has for you, and your future, to unfold.


I love you all and I am cheering you on!





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