Choosing God’s Plan A, Not Mine

Dear World Changer,

Lately at our school bible study meetings, those of us who lead the group have been sharing about things that God has been teaching us in our personal lives. This past Wednesday I spoke on how I came to choose what university I am going to, and what God taught me about making decisions through this. For those of you who are looking to make a decision about where you are going for university/college, or are faced with any big decisions in your life right now, I hope this can help you in some way. But keep in mind, we are all different and at different places in our walks with Jesus etc. So, your process to getting to a firm decision about something might need to be different than mine. Whatever your path may be, trust in Him and willingly let him lead you through it.

I applied to 3 schools at the beginning of September, one of which I had loved and been talking feverently about to my friends for years. I knew I wanted to apply to one more school, and after taking some more time to think on it and do some research, I applied to my final school during Christmas. I received acceptance into 3/4 of the schools I applied to fairly quickly, and then received my last acceptance to the school I had loved for years in early March. I was so excited when I got that acceptance, I was in tears! I didn’t think I would get in, so suddenly something that seemed unattainable was a real possibility and I thought and acted like that was where I was going. However, confusion soon set in and I had no idea where the right place to go was. I wanted to be able to make a decision by a certain time, so this made me quite frustrated. I spoke to one of my leaders about it one night at youth, and she suggested that I fast. So, I decided to fast. In worship that night I felt as if I needed to fast boldly, and give up EVERY distraction if I wanted to get anything out of it.

A few days later, I entered a 2 week fast where I gave every distraction in my life up and focused on Jesus. I use the First 5 app for my morning devotionals, and it so happened that the first day of my fast was the the first day of the 1 Samuel study. As I began to fast, I began reading 1 Samuel along with the First 5 app and God taught me SO MUCH through it. So much of 1 Samuel has to do with faith, following and trusting in God, decisions, callings in Christ and heavily related to my situation. Through Holy Spirit and this book of the Bible, He led me through a process of changing my perspective and getting to the point where I could see the decision He wanted me to make. I learnt that I was seeking after what I thought was my best (that school I had loved for years), and not God’s best – this is the reason why I had gotten so confused. I knew deep down once I had gotten in that said school wasn’t where I was supposed to be, but I didn’t want to let go of my own dream. Once I had gotten past this, He slowly showed me where I was supposed to be and I eventually accepted my offer to the school He had placed on my heart.

What did God teach me about making big decisions through this?

#1. Be Faithful First

Have complete faith in Him. Seek and ask Him to increase your faith if that’s what you need to do. Faithfully give Him the praise and honour He deserves because He is good. Ensure that you aren’t just praising Him for the answers He can give you, but because you truly love Him and know that He is always worthy of praise.

#2. Be Ready

Be ready to receive what He has for you, to listen to Him, acknowledge Him, and be obedient to whatever he calls you to do. Open yourself up to all the options; all the possibilities and leave your own desires and what you may think is right behind. Allow him and choose to let Him transform your heart to one that is ready to receive and respond to what He is telling you to do.

#3. Repent & Surrender

This step relates a lot to being ready. Surrender your wants and desires to Him. And instead, choose to seek His wants and desires for you. Get rid of anything between you and God by repenting of any sin, taking the first step and humbling yourself before God and his great plans. Actually REPENT, which means to be committed to being better and actually, permanently changing your ways. Surrender any deadlines you may have set for your decision to Him and trust Him to reveal the answer to you on His own time. Remove that pressure from yourself so that you don’t rush into the wrong decision. If you are to clearly see the decision he wants you to make, this step is crucial.

#4. Rely on Him, His Holy Spirit, and His word

Finally, trust Him. Trust that what He is leading you into is the best for you, and that it is going to be absolutely amazing. That you have the ability to do whatever he is calling you to do, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. Rely on Him to give you what you need to accomplish it. Don’t hide behind other things or excuses, allow him to work in you & reveal what needs to be revealed. Take the time to just be still in His presence, to read your bible, and listen to His spirit so that He can properly do these things.

We believe in you World Changer – you’ve got this.



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