Dear World Changer,

Ah prom…for some of us it went really well….for others…not so much!

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people getting arrested, babies being conceived that evening, bad dates and poor hair choices. So all your leaders created a list of tips and tricks to make the most out of your prom! Here’s our TOP 20:

  1. Don’t loose all your life savings on the dress, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories, but spoil yourself! Prom is a big event that you will remember forever. The next time you’ll get super dressed up is your wedding, so take advantage of this moment!
  2. Have a hair and makeup trial! If you are paying someone usually a trial is included within the price. If you are getting a family member/friend or you yourself are doing your own, always try it out a week before. That way you have time to research and try different ideas if you don’t like your original plan. NEVER try anything new on the day of! [Pastor Natasha story: I had a family friend do my hair and she decided to experiment the day of my prom with a new hairstyle! I hated it! I had to go home and fix it up myself! Luckily I knew how to work my hair and loved the end result!]
  3. Try on your dress a week before to make sure no threads came loose, the zipper still works and that it fits like a glove! If anything has changed, you can get it fixed in time!
  4. Put some necessities into your clutch that night…it could be a life saver! (powder, lip stick, tampon, bandaids for your ankles from your heels, extra bobby pins, deodorant, extra jewellery incase yours breaks etc.)
  5. Break in your shoes! You should be walking around the house in them so that on prom night, your feet aren’t going to die!
  6. Eat throughout the day! Sometimes nerves get going and we don’t feel hungry, but force yourself to eat something! Last thing you want is to faint at prom!
  7. Want to make your perfume last all night? Put some vaseline on the area you spritz your perfume (neck, wrist) before you spray. That way the perfume has something to hold onto – makes it last longer!
  8. Turn to the right in photos – researches say the left side of your face shows more emotions and creates flawless pictures!
  9. Remember – it is possible for every girl in the room to look stunning. Take time to compliment your friends AND yourself.
  10. Allow your parents to take photos of you! This event is JUST as big and just as special for them too! Don’t rush out the door!
  11. Go with a group of people you love! Even if you have a date, join other couples! The people you are with make or break your prom experience!
  12. Speaking of dates..don’t ever feel pressure to have one! Going with a bunch of girlfriends can honestly be WAY more fun!
  13. Take TONS of pictures! Some of us forgot to do that and are left with nothing…not even a picture in our dress!
  14. If a guy asks you to dance, only say yes if you’re comfortable! Your gut feeling is especially important on this night! Some people have before prom parties where they get really drunk… you don’t want to be dancing with that guy! And you also don’t want to spend a chunk of time coming up with ideas in your head on how to ditch him on the dance floor!
  15. Be wise and make smart choices! Make decisions that will be good today, tomorrow and the years to come! You are finally graduating! You spent hours on homework, studying for tests, working a part time job to pay for college, going through the lengthy process on deciding your future university and you’ve finally made it…you are about to walk the stage and all your dreams are coming true. Don’t throw all that away on ONE night! Bad decisions can effect you forever! We’ve had friends get pregnant on prom night, get arrested, overdose and I’m sure you can name the rest! Those bad decisions effected them the rest of their life!
  16. Advice for the afterparty if you go…DONT drink! First of all, y’all are underage! Secondly, there are millions of bad things that can happen if you do. You need to be alert that night. Also, never leave your drink alone or accept one from people you don’t trust – they may have put something in there!
  17. Don’t spill chocolate fondu on your dress (brought to you by Miriam Staal – ask her about that one!)
  18. If the after party is risky, grab some friends and hang out after. Charity and her friends went mini-putting in their dresses then watched movies until 3am!
  19. No drama! Yes this is HUGE and a very memorable night, but you also have the rest of your life ahead of you…prom isn’t worth getting caught up in the drama.
  20. And seriously…have the time of your life! You just accomplished something huge and prom is to celebrate that! Enjoy getting ready, enjoy the family pictures, the dinner, the dancing…everything! Make the most of it!


Here’s a throwback to some of your leader’s prom!


Your leaders


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