Cardio And Ab WorkOuts

Dear World Changer,

I LOVE working out. Seriously! I think it all started when I was a competitive gymnast. Every practice would consist of conditioning exercises (workouts). Most of my team mates dreaded this, but I thrived off it! I loved feeling sore the next day because it meant I worked hard (and maybe didn’t stretch enough!). I love setting goals and the feeling you get when you reach them. Conditioning never felt like a punishment, it felt fun! And since then I’ve always viewed and created workouts with fun, goal setting and challenge in mind.

Here are my go-to Ab and Cardio workouts! Some require equipment and others don’t! I will post my leg, arms, back and chest workouts another time! And remember, always stretch BEFORE and AFTER a workout! This is super important for your muscles!

  1. Cardio: I do this treadmill routine every time I hit the gym. I get really bored on the treadmill so I switch up the speeds and incline often. I found this routine on one of my favourite dancer’s blog! It works like a charm!

A. Walking at 0% incline 4.0 speed for 10 minutes

B. Walking at 4.0% incline 4.0 speed for 10 minutes

C. Jogging at 0.5% incline 5.0 speed for 10 minutes

D. Running at 0.5% incline 6.0 speed for 10 minutes

E. Cool down 0% incline at 3.5 speed for 10 minutes

I didn’t start with doing each step for 10 minutes! I started by doing each of these for 4 minutes then worked my way up! It’s better to do it right, then do it fast! If I want a quicker cardio workout, I’ll do 5 minutes each!

2. Abs!

All the pics posted are from that dancers blog!

A. Mountain Climbers – I like to do 3 sets of 20

Fix Jenna10

B. Medicine Ball Crunches – I like to do 50 with arms behind head, then 50 with arms up.


C. Medicine Ball Pikes: I do 3 sets of 10. You can also try it without piking and by simply bringing your knees into your chest (it’s a little easier).


D. Twisties with weighted ball (can also do them without a ball)! I do 3 sets of 20

E. Side Planks: See how long you can hold each side and try to beat your time at every workout! Tip: Try to get your hips up as high as you can – it burns more!


And that’s my cardio and ab workout! Sometimes I mix it up with other cardio and ab exercises to shock my body (I’ll talk about that later). But these are always my go-to!

Remember – always set goals! Start by seeing how many/how long you can do these exercises and write it down on a chart with the date beside it. Then write down where you want to be in a month! Continue recording your time/reps each workout and reach for that goal of yours! Once you hit it, set another goal! I always set fitness goals for 1 month, 6 months and 1 year!

Any questions about how to make a goal chart or about these workouts, just fill out that contact page and I’ll write you back!


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