Life Lessons With Kolby 1.0

Dear World Changer,

Meet Kolby. He’s two years old and absolutely loves life. His favourite things to do include tug-o-war, catch-me-if-you-can, long walks, slow car rides, and anything that involves food! He loves to spend his afternoons at the dog park running wild and free. His favourite toys have squeakers inside them – he squeaks the toy until someone is annoyed into playing with him! He hates playing fetch – he sits down and looks at me like I’m dumb when I throw a ball for him – but if you start to run too then he is so down to race you for the toy. He’s a big suck for attention and his life goal is to please the ones he loves. He likes to cuddle and give too many slobbery kisses. He makes everyone laugh with his crazy antics and I am completely jealous of his insane energy level. He is smart, crazy, adorable, and absolutely loveable.

This might sound crazy to you but I learn so many life lessons from this pup! There have been so many times when the Holy Spirit has used this beautiful dog to completely blow my mind with truth and love and wisdom. And today I would like to share some of it with you…

A couple days ago I drove my mom to work and took Kolby along for the ride. Kolby love love LOVES car rides. Well, mostly he just loves sticking his head out the window. When he was just a baby he was so scared in the car that he would shake uncontrollably! But once he was big enough to enjoy the wind in his face, he hated being left behind. When winter rolled around we stopped rolling down the windows for him and he did NOT like that. And before long he figured out how to roll the window down himself! (I promise you this is true!) Now when the weather is cold or wet we have to lock the windows so he can’t open them. But when the window is locked he goes cray cray in the backseat. He whines and cries and sticks his face over the seat into the face of the driver. When he is still ignored he tries to climb in to the front seat to get the driver’s attention. He just loves driving with the windows down!

The other day I had to drop my mom off at work and I took him along for the ride. Now, let me remind you what month it is: MAY. And let me remind you of the precipitation that occurred the other day: SNOW. Crazy right! So I did not want to roll the windows down that morning. It was too cold. But Kolby? He didn’t care. He never cares what the weather is like. He just wants to stick his head out the window. He just wants to be on an outdoor adventure. It doesn’t matter if the day’s weather consists of sunshine and 30+ temperatures or if it’s a blizzard and -30 temperatures. He just loves life and the outdoors. Sometimes he even PREFERS the cold weather! And mounds of white stuff in the backyard simply means more fun.

What’s the point of this story? It’s to remind us all to appreciate the things we too often hate on. The thing about Kolby is that he simply appreciates God’s creation for what it is: beautiful. And he joyfully goes about his day without letting the weather dictate how he feels or what he does. Yes, I realize that he is a dog and doesn’t have the same understanding that you and I do. He doesn’t know the purpose of sunshine and rain, snow and wind. But WE DO. God created dogs with intelligent brains and he created humans to have intelligent brains with an even greater capacity. We have the capacity to understand the meaning and purpose behind some of the things of this world. There are people in this world who are in desperate, desperate need for rain as they face a hunger crisis due to famine. And there are people in this world who are in desperate, desperate need for dry air and sunshine as they face the loss of their homes and livelihoods to flooding. Kolby may not understand that we need the sun AND the rain. He simply loves the day. But we do understand the need for both. We may dream about how wonderful it would be to live in an area that is all sunny days and beach weather year round but we know that is not reality, nor is it a good thing. And yet so many days I catch myself hating the weather or allowing the weather to dictate my mood. The Bible says, “Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!” Whatever the temperature today, it is still a day that the Lord has made. Whatever the weather today, the Lord still chose to give you breath. Whatever the forecast today, there is still purpose for your life and ways the Lord plans to use you to bring light to the world. So rejoice in today! Be glad for the day, regardless of the weather.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you are a terrible person if you are frustrated with constant rainfall and snow in the month of May when you should be wearing your cut offs and sundresses to school. I’m tired of it too! I just want to wear my flip flops and rock my tank tops and sunglasses! But I learned to appreciate the rain during my time in El Salvador three years ago. And Kolby reminds me of this every time he wants to stick his head out the window in the middle of January or barks at me until I take him for a walk on the windiest day of the year or play outside during a torrential downpour.

I pray that today we all learn a lesson from Kolby. I pray that we all rejoice in the day that the Lord has made! If that means that today you need to do something you love to lessen your frustration with your least favourite weather, then do it. If it means that you need to curl up with a mug of your choice of hot beverage in a comfy chair and pray for someone else around the world while you look out the window through the rain, do it. If it means you throw on your rain boots and take your dog for a wet, muddy walk, DO IT. Do whatever you need to do today to rejoice in the day of the Lord and to refuse to let the weather dictate your mood and consequently your behaviour. Do whatever you need to be glad that today is a precious gift and that you have a God-given purpose. If you never love the rain, snow, cold weather etc., that’s ok. But learn to appreciate it. And learn to rejoice in it because it was created by God for a purpose. And you darling, are a daughter of the Light. Let that light radiate through you and touch the lives around you regardless of the weather today. You have a purpose. You have been chosen. Whether your rainy day is tangible or metaphorical for the tough stuff in your life, you can rejoice in today. Take your focus off the dark clouds and direct it to your Creator. Don’t get sidetracked by the weather. Instead, pull a Kolby and simply enjoy the day.

I pray your day is filled with love and light and joy, even if it rains again.

Love always,

Charity & Kolby xo


PS – This is the pic taken of Kolby on that snowy day in May!

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