Initiative and Courage Go Hand In Hand

Dear World Changer,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted! There’s been some brainstorming going on about new and exciting posts and here is our first one! We’ll be back to posting weekly once again so look out on social media and subscribe šŸ™‚

This post is from one of of very own IntenCity goers – Meghan Hickey – and this is her story.

Some of you may know me, my name is Meghan Hickey. I was a grade 12 at Intencity and I’ve been going for just a year. I’d like to say I wish I had been going for all of my high school career, but I know that God brought me here when he did for a reason.

I was your average church goer my whole life. I went to a catholic school for elementary and high school and a Catholic Church for the same amount of time until until grade 11. I went every single Sunday and on holidays. I was also very involved in my church; I was even a Sunday School teacher. Now this seems like pretty smooth sailing, my routine of church was down to a tee. I did my nightly prayers. I thought I was doing everything right. But then things got rocky and I went through a hard time for my grade 11 year. I felt hopeless and lost my faith that year. I even stopped attending church regularly.

At about May or June last year, I had been scrolling through Instagram when I saw this girl named Kayla. I had first seen her positivity on twitter and followed her on Instagram from there. She always seemed so happy on social media. I understood that social media is just a highlight reel and that her happiness might only be shown to the public, but none the less it seemed genuine. I tried to understand how she was so happy. What does she have that I don’t to inspire her joy?

One day she posted a picture of a page from a book. So I direct messaged her on Instagram casually and asked what book she was reading (it was a devotional called Jesus Calling). She then started speaking greatly on her faith and how much happiness Jesus brings her. And that’s when I realized that it isn’t her boyfriend or her sunny Georgian weather that is the source of her happiness. It’s her happiness within herself and her relationship with Jesus.

She had a youth group in her town that she attended and spoke highly of. She convinced me to seek out a youth group in my own town to help build my own relationship with Jesus. That’s when I thought of Intencity. I had heard of it before, as many people at my school went or currently go to Woodvale, so I seeked out a close friend and asked her if she would join me on my first night.

Friday June 17th, 2016 was my first night at Intencity. I remember Pastor Kyle’s sermon very clearly that night because it closely mirrored my situation and it made me want to come back again to hear more. I’d like to think that even if I didn’t relate at the time that I would’ve still been intrigued, but I’m very thankful for that night’s message because it inspired me.

However, the night that changed me the most was at OVPC. I still had a young heart that yearned to learn more but I still wasn’t there yet. I would look around at all the other girls in my connect group and I didn’t quite look like them. I wasn’t as openly singing. I couldn’t talk aloud to God. I didn’t close my eyes or lift up my arms. I felt like I lacked passion compared to them. And I think someone noticed my curious, lost eyes as I watched everyone else. My connect group leader, Charity, sat me down that night. She asked if it was okay that she asked me a personal question and she said “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?” and I kind of looked around, teared up a bit and when I looked back at her I said “I don’t know.” After that, she had a long talk with me about what it means and what I have to do and the one line I’ll never forget is that Jesus is “a best friend that never leaves”. And after everything that happened the past year in my hard time, that was a very comforting thing to say to me.

Since that moment, I was hooked on building a strong relationship with Jesus and I haven’t looked back. I attend youth group every chance I can. I had the privilege of attending Fervor this year. I look forward to being apart of The Forge and entering Strive next year.

So, how does this relate to you? How does my story make me or anyone else a world changer? Too often we wait for things to come to us. I could’ve sat around for months and months and waited for something to come along and make me happy. But I saw it in someone (thanks to the power of social media being used for good) and I figured out how to get it for myself. I reached out to Kayla and asked her questions to get answers. I reached out to my friend to bring me to Intencity so I could see it for myself. I continuously brought myself out to Intencity to strengthen my faith.

I believe initiative and courage go hand in hand. It took courage to reach out to all those people, and even though I didn’t have enough courage to strut into Intencity alone that first night, I have that courage now. So I challenge you, world changers, to go out and take initiative to go after the things you want.

– Meghan Hickey

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