Are You Standing in the Way of Your Dreams?

Here is a devo from “Propel Women” written by Christine Caine:

A topic I get asked about often as a leader is fear – specifically, the fear of failing. We fear that if we make a wrong decision or forget about the right one, our whole destiny will be on the line. But the truth is, self-doubt sinks more dreams and destinies than failure ever will. That’s why fighting self-doubt is one of the most important things we do as leaders. How do we do it?

  • Keep a Growth Mindset. One reason self-doubt sets in is because we box ourselves in. We define what we are capable of by a personality test, social media, or others’ words about us. But it’s important to remember that with God on our side, we can outgrow any box the world may try to put us in.
  • Cultivate Courage. A commitment to courage is vital to combatting self-doubt, because it empowers us to feel the fear and go forward anyway – to step up even when we’re not ready. Courage reminds us that we are qualified because He has called us, so we can live focused on hope rather than being paralyzed by fear.
  • Trust the God of the Universe. In Psalm 18:29, David wrote, “With Your help I can advance against a troop, with my God I can scale a wall.” David wasn’t free from self-doubt because of his own power or might, but he chose to trust that God would not fail Him. As leaders, you and I have to make that choice for ourselves too. We have to trust that God will give us all that we need to accomplish what He has called us to.

If you are standing in your own way because of self-doubt, adjust your mindset this week and see where God will grow you.

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