Can People Tell You’re A Christian?

I was watching America’s Got Talent and this guy named Michael Ketterer auditioned as a singer. As soon as he walked onto the stage and began talking, I had this feeling he was a Christian. 

He never said anything about God. Never said anything about church. Never mentioned faith – nothing!

Couple weeks later I found out he’s a worship leader.

What was it about him that made me think he was a Christian? The more I thought about it, the more I realized the power of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Salvation is a big, very well known subject within church. But sometimes I think we don’t really get it. Growing up, Salvation was always explained to me in a way that made me think of it as this little moment where you give your heart to Jesus with a prayer and it was Baptism of the Holy Spirit where powerful stuff actually happened. That’s not the case!

Salvation is POWERFUL. It is going from dark to light. It is going from sin to forgiveness. It’s having the God of this universe fill our entire being and change our course of life and eternity. Salvation changes everything. And if we walk around and believe that people can’t see this kind of power on the outside, we’re wrong! We’re going to look different…real different.

Michael Ketterer spoke differently than the other contestants. He carried himself differently. His stance was different. His language. His attitude. His outlook on life. It was EVIDENT that he had Christ in his life.

So my question to you is can people tell you’re Christian? If you walked onto the AGT stage in front of millions, would people say “oh she has to be Christian!” When you walk through the hallways of school are you getting questions on why you stand out from the crowd? When you go up to pay for your clothes in your favourite store, do the employees notice something different about you? Because the light of Christ isn’t dim, it’s noticeable. 


Pastor Natasha


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