Embrace Discomfort

Today’s Devo is from “Propel Women” Magazine and written by Christine Caine

When I injured my knee in a skiing accident a few years ago, the doctor told me that I could recover fully or partially, quickly or slowly. It was entirely up to me. The degree to which I was willing to endure the pain of recovery was the degree to which my knee would heal.

I think that same principle applies to most areas of our lives. The degree to which we are willing to endure discomfort is the degree to which we will find healing, experience success, and fulfill the purpose God has for us.

Oftentimes we focus so much on the hard things we have to do that we lose sight of what we want to experience on the other side of the discomfort. As a result, we stop short of realizing our full potential.

One of the best habits you can cultivate is to shift your perspective on enduring the discomfort of change and growth by replacing one phrase. If you replace the phrase “have to” with the phrase “want to,” you will experience less resistance and greater breakthrough.

Instead of “I have to exercise.” Say, “I want to be healthy in all areas of my life.”

Instead of “I have to make a budget.” Say, “I want to be equipped to live generously.”

Instead of “I have to cook dinner…again.” Say, “I want to serve those I love well.”

Instead of “I have to make a hard decision.” Say, “I want to develop my courage and wisdom.”

Instead of “I have to study.” Say, “I want to be a good steward of the skills God has given me.”

Embracing discomfort is never easy, but a change of perspective going in can help you develop the grit you need to push through.

Remember God’s promise in James 1:12 – “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love Him.” There is purpose in the hard things!

What “have to” will you change into a “want to” in your life this week?

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