Never A Miss

Sometimes God calls us to places and people and circumstances that make us feel like we’re missing out. Missing out on friends, adventures, relationships, dreams….


But when God calls you to it…. it’s never a miss. 


Maybe you’ve moved away to do schooling having to leave everything and everyone you love behind. As you scroll through Instagram (the worst!) you see pictures from back home that make you feel left out and forgotten. 

Maybe you’re spending the night at home working on getting your grades up to get into college instead of out with friends. 

Maybe everyone around you is in solid careers and you’re working a less than ideal job.

Maybe you’re a Mom and right now while service is going on you’re feeding you’re precious babe out in the lobby.

I see you all. And I totally feel ya! Pretty sure all of us have felt FOMO before (fear of missing out). And to be honest… it stinks! It’s a mix of anxiousness, frustration, sadness …  and you begin to build up a story in your head that something SO awesome is going on without you and it will be talked about for ages and ages making it totally legendary and you missed it. 

But know that God has called you to the place you’re in that may be a million miles away. He’s called you to your position at work. He’s called you to be a Mom.

And when we’re working in our calling, it’s never a miss! You’re EXACTLY where He wants you. And God is going to pour His blessings and favour over your life as you obey.

The only way it will be a miss is if you spend all your time upset about missing out, that you miss out on the moments right in front of you. So soak it in! You’re not missing a thing when you’re in God’s plans for you.

And within every situation, God has MULTIPLE purposes He’s working out! So don’t miss out!

Be encouraged my dear friend,

Pastor Natasha

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