This blog has been a long time dream of IntenCity. Why? Because we believe in the impact of stories. They have a way of creeping into our hearts to challenge us, motivate us, encourage and shape our future.¬†Yet so many have gone untold because they’ve been labelled as “weak, shameful, disgusting, irrelevant and pointless.” We disagree. Because anyone who has ever done something big, has had to go through something to get there.

We have a burden in our hearts. A burden for girls like yourselves. We want to see you accomplish the wild dreams God has for your life. We want to see you fight for your passion. We don’t want you to merely survive life, we want you to thrive in it.

This blogs purpose is to help equip you for the fight. To inspire you, to dream with you, to challenge you, to motivate you, to encourage you and above all, to let you know we believe in you. That is why our tag line and every post will begin with “Dear World Changer.” Because we see it in you, even if you don’t see it in yourself.

We’re standing with you, fighting with you, and believing with you…because we know you’ve got this!